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2017-07-11 09:55 pm


An athletic girl with cropped blond hair who looks a little confused— but happy— to be here. If it be as a tacky jacket, vest, or as cute leggings, she always carries the MADNESS with her. Whatever garment it is, its color and texture seems to be slightly shifting. And possibly also looking at you?
Shade is a friendly, friendly girl. Don't worry, she's totally into the interspecies gig. Just don't expect any feelings to get involved, she's gotta be FREE, man.

If your character is psychic/empathetic and digging a little deeper give me a buzz. [raol duke voice] No one should be asked to handle this trip.

If your character is interested in a little violence please dial 1-800-rebe as well. Shade (badly) controls a chaotic hallucinogenic energy. Any fight is going to get weird.

  • backtag: yes!
  • threadjack: sure! if you have something in mind feel free to ring.
  • fourthwall: eh ask if you really want.
  • no-no topics: everything is game for me, so don't stress.